Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Have you ever heard the awesome stories about the Old Time Tent Revivals?? Anointed Holy Ghost preaching, miracles, deliverance that impacted & changed entire communities, states and even our great nation!! There is such a tremendous need for the people of God to rise UP out of slumber and reach out to every person we come in contact with, and allow the Holy Ghost to flow thru us to minister to the lost & dying. This burden & passion is the core drive of my ministry; expressing my deep desire for every apostolic church, all apostolic saints of God to remove all barriers.........PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, FAST for the fresh winds of Holy Ghost Revival to blow throughout this World like the Day of Pentecost, Azusa Street and many other Eras of Great Revival. It is high time to awaken out of sleep. The latter WILL be GREATER than the former!!!!!!!!! God bless all His precious saints.

Monday, June 24, 2013


We had no trailer when God called us to Fulltime Evangelism. So we began to pray for a trailer. Within about 2 weeks God had blessed us with a 30 ft. pull behind 1997 StarCraft Travel Trailer complete with 1 bedroom, a small kitchen & table, a bathroom and 2 bunks for the children!! We were ecstatic about starting our journey. Then we found a deal on an SUV and then we took to the road!! Can you imagine how Abraham felt when God called him to a land he didn't know anything about, and promised him a nation of people he had never seen, no knowledge of their existence?? we felt a little nervous, such a BIG call into a BIG world we knew nothing about. Mind you, we grew up in Kansas & lived in MO. What in the world is waiting Fields, LA or Springville, IN, or Michigan or Texas, or Washington State or Oregon or California or Idaho?? God knew!! So here are some pics of our first house on wheels....trying to catch you all up on our story. This was the start in October/November 2011


Thank you Jesus!!!! Look OUT World...............

Hello, my name is Frank Ross. I have a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful healthy children. I started Ministering at 16 years of age. Then married my soul-mate at the tender age of 19 and we both had 1 shared vision in mind: MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!! We moved to Kansas City, MO to help my FIL, Pastor JW Ward build a home missions church. Home Missions simply means "from scratch". We hit the ground running. Our goal was to reach out in our community and make it stronger & more effective 1 family at a time. Over the next 9 years we did our best to do just that. I was Youth Pastor, Music Director, Assistant Pastor, Hosting community events such as Youth Lock-Ins (games, food, bonfire, preaching), Bible Studies, Preaching, Outreach, Homeless Ministry, Selling Hawaiian Shave Ice, Friday Youth Nights (focus on bettering Youth in the community) and much more that would take years to blog;) Also, I was an active HyVee Manager, then Branch Manager/VP in my community at Bank of the West, then Entrepreneur. During that time we had 3 precious babies, great experiences, lots of fun, met many friends, had many Visitors come to church and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, saw families changed by the awesome power of God........BAM!! God spoke to us one evening that it was time to take across the world all the experiences we had and all the spiritual knowledge that God allowed us to accumulate. So after much prayer we said good bye to our beloved family, friends, and everything we ever knew with one thing in mind: EVANGELISM. ANYTIME. FULL TIME. ANY WHERE. EVERYWHERE. We were owners of a beautiful home at the age of 21, for over 6 years. We sold everything we owned and hit the road: TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, A LASTING IMPACT, FOR GOD, ON OUR GENERATION & FUTURE GENERATIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Our goal is for Old Time Pentecost to be experienced again. The real thing!! Communities being reshaped and changed, made better by miracles, signs, wonders. The Gospel of Jesus Christ rescuing and bettering everyone, everywhere. God hasn't changed, we change. He remains the same yesterday, today & forever. So this is how it all started in 2011. That's just a small summary, I am working on A Novel with many more details. Here are some pictures of our transition. May God bless you in your endeavor to serve Him.....

And much more........SOLD!!!!!! To Make A Difference;)