Monday, June 24, 2013


We had no trailer when God called us to Fulltime Evangelism. So we began to pray for a trailer. Within about 2 weeks God had blessed us with a 30 ft. pull behind 1997 StarCraft Travel Trailer complete with 1 bedroom, a small kitchen & table, a bathroom and 2 bunks for the children!! We were ecstatic about starting our journey. Then we found a deal on an SUV and then we took to the road!! Can you imagine how Abraham felt when God called him to a land he didn't know anything about, and promised him a nation of people he had never seen, no knowledge of their existence?? we felt a little nervous, such a BIG call into a BIG world we knew nothing about. Mind you, we grew up in Kansas & lived in MO. What in the world is waiting Fields, LA or Springville, IN, or Michigan or Texas, or Washington State or Oregon or California or Idaho?? God knew!! So here are some pics of our first house on wheels....trying to catch you all up on our story. This was the start in October/November 2011


Thank you Jesus!!!! Look OUT World...............